Designing luminaires to create the maximum visual comfort.
Featured products
Duky Trimless
Beauty and versatility. High quality and comfort. Clean and defned light emission. Trimless option to achieve excellence in projects.
Four 111 In
Warmth and design as protagonists of the semi-recessed led projector. Light is projected through an optical lens and a honeycomb.
Round recessed downlight. This is a light point of closed beam and high luminic efficiency with a surprising aesthetic result.
Tare XS Magnetic
Small spotlight for magnetic track 19mm. Unusual beauty and excellent luminous efficiency given its dimension.
About HER Lighting
HER arises from our experience and continuous study in the lighting world.
We have the aim of offer the best lighting solution and to create the right lighting for each space, moment, atmosphere and client.
We know light can improve our lives.
An adequate lighting can help us in our day-to-day, to do more, to rest better as well as to optimize business by means of a proper use of the color temperature, the lighting control and a studied power.
Lighting for well-being, for making us feel better, for becoming happier.
We have learned that right lighting of a project beautifies it.
We know the importance of enhancing the architecture, the chiaroscuro, light up where is required, to accompany design with light.
We are interested in details because the details make the design.
We care about the environment.
HER luminaires are eco-friendly. We search the sum efficiency in the performance of our luminaires, reducing to the maximum its consumption.
We work with sustainable and recyclable materials. We have only one earth and we must take care of it.
HER, more than a brand, an homage to light.