About HER Lighting
HER is a leader brand specialized in lighting solutions with products born as a result of the light treatment research.
Technical solutions that are developed integrally in the R&D center of Barcelona.
An ecosystem in constant evolution that goes from research, development of new techniques and light concepts to manufacturing custom pieces.
HER counts with a team of high qualified engineers and architects with proven experience in the sector.
HER headquarters in Barcelona have, in addition, rooms destined to show light applied to different spaces, objects and concepts, becoming a dynamic and demonstrative center of advanced techniques.
Good illumination, makes it all better.
And all this from a detailed study of the space, of the ambience and knowing well the objective pursued to optimize a space, a product, a business, residence or building.
Thanks to this previous analysis, we will know the appropriate color temperature, the necessary light control and correct power.
At HER we transform light into unique sensations.
We put all our energy to take care of the planet.
Light gives life to the planet and the human beings. At HER, we put our energy in caring about the nature and the environment by using ecological and sustainable and recyclable materials.
In addition, we are always searching for the high performance efficiency of our products to reduce to the maximum light consumption.
Because sustainable development means taking care of the planet while we keep advancing in economy.
HER, more than a brand, an homage to light.